Upcoming Virtual Events

Seminar Title Dates City State Fee
Online-Digital Evidence Search Warrant Preparation01/25/2023 - 01/25/2023$150
Online-Tips for Successful Supervisors: Transitioning from Officer to Supervisor01/27/2023 - 01/27/2023$150
Online-From Anger to Depression: How to Stabilize a Chaotic Interview 02/01/2023 - 02/01/2023$150
Onlline-Writing and Defending Your Expert Fire Report Based on the NEW N.F.P.A 921-2021 Edition02/08/2023 - 02/08/2023$150
Online-Crisis Communication/Negotiation for Emergency Dispatchers02/09/2023 - 02/09/2023$175
Online-FTO Program Checkup: Elements of a Successful FTO Program 02/13/2023 - 02/13/2023$125
Online-Documenting the Death Scene: Murder, Suicide, Accident02/15/2023 - 02/15/2023$150
Online-Cell Phones, Internal Affairs, and Employee Discipline: Decisions that Can Cost Your Agency Million$02/16/2023 - 02/16/2023$150
Online-The Truths and Myths About Suicide Response and Intervention02/22/2023 - 02/22/2023$150
Online- Google Data Analysis for Investigators02/24/2023 - 02/24/2023$150
Online-Managing an Officer Involved Shooting Resulting in Death- It’s a Homicide Crime Scene 02/27/2023 - 02/27/2023$150
Online-Critical Incidents: What All Special Operations Officers Need to Know03/02/2023 - 03/02/2023$150
Online-“Homicide and Death Investigation” Things You NEED to Know NOT Typically Covered in Training 03/21/2023 - 03/21/2023$150
Online-Disciplining Public Safety Employees: Written Policies, why bother? Aren’t State law and Constitutional case law adequate? 03/28/2023 - 03/28/2023$150
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