The LLRMI Advisory Board consists of a team of legal and professional experts in matters of public safety and criminal justice procedures. Along with the board members listed below, LLRMI has over 50 additional experts on all matters of law enforcement, jails and corrections and other areas of public safety / criminal justice.

James Alsup – LLRMI Director (317) 386-8325

Jack Ryan, Attorney – LLRMI Co-Director, Captain (Ret) Providence, RI Police Department, Attorney

Lou Reiter – LLRMI Co-Director, Reiter & Assoc., Deputy Chief of Police (Retired) Los Angeles Police Department

*Cheryl Alsup, Administrative – LLRMI Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable (317) 386-8325

*Amanda King, Administrative – LLRMI Case Administration (317) 386-8325

*Marsha Salvage, Administrative – BRIDGE Administrator (317) 386-8325

*Sara Barnett – Training Schedule Director (317) 386-8325

*Dianne Hurm – Typesetter

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