Attorneys/Expert Witness

LLRMI has an on-going affiliation with many experts who are nationally recognized in their particular specialty in jail/corrections liability and litigation.

Unlike many expert services that operate as a single person entity, LLRMI takes the team approach and can provide a multi-disciplinary approach

to a single case where doing so will enhance your case.

Jack 2019 pic

John “Jack” Ryan

LLRMI Co-Director, Captain (Ret) Providence, RI Police Department, Attorney

Expert Witness Categories:

Use of Force | Deadly Force | Section 1983
Law Enforcement Policies & Procedures
1st & 4th Amendment | Pursuit
Arrest, Search & Seizure

Jack Ryan is an Attorney in Rhode Island, a graduate Juris Doctorate, Cum Laude at Suffolk University Law School. Jack has 20 years police experience as a police officer with the Providence Police Department, Providence, RI. He has earned a law degree in addition to experience as a police officer, providing a unique perspective on legal and liability issues. Jack is a former adjunct faculty member at Salve Regina University and lectures frequently throughout the United States. Since retiring, Jack has conducted numerous training sessions around the country for Legal & Liability Risk Management Institute. Among the programs, he is responsible for courses on “Policy Development for Public Safety Agencies;” “Advanced Internal Affairs;” “Liability and Risk Management for Law Enforcement Agencies;” “Legal and Liability Issues in the Public Schools;” “Arrest, Search & Seizure;” “Use of Force and Documentation;” “Legal & Liability Issues in SWAT Operations;” and “ Legal and Liability Issues for Negotiators.” Jack is also a co-director of the Legal and Liability Risk Management Institute which provides services relating to risk management for law enforcement  agencies nationwide. These services include training, high risk/critical task policy review, policy development, improved supervision, audits, risks assessments, and expert witness services.

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Lou -pic 2018

Lou Reiter

Expert Witness Categories:

Internal Affairs | Police Misconduct 
Citizen Complaints | IA Investigation

Lou Reiter is a National Trainer for LLRMI for over 20 years and is a Co-Director of the Legal and Liability Risk Management Institute. He has presented training on Internal Affairs issues for the past 25 years. Lou regularly conducts police agency audits and has been the consultant on investigations involving 8 cities and the Civil Rights Division , U.S. Department of Justice. He has been a police practices expert in over 1,100 civil cases appearing for both plaintiffs and defendants. Lou authored the “Third Edition of Law Enforcement Administrative Investigations” in 2006 and two novels on police misconduct. Lou retired from the L.A.P.D. as a Deputy Chief of Police after 20 years of service.

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Tom Martin color pic

Tom Martin

Expert Witness Categories:

Homicide | Crime Scene
Blood Splatter | Bullet Trajectory

Tom Martin began his law enforcement career in 1988 as a uniformed New York State Trooper, and began his forensic career in 1990 as a crime scene field technician. For the majority of his career, Tom was assigned to the NYSP Forensic Identification Unit in Poughkeepsie, and supervised that unit for 14 years before retiring from that position in October 2010. Tom regularly provides forensic testimony in various state and federal courts.

Tom has a B.S. degree in Criminal Justice. He is a nationally recognized speaker who has instructed at numerous forensic training seminars across the United States, including the American Academy of Forensic Sciences Annual Conferences, The National Institute of Justice Annual Conferences and Technology Fairs, and the Smithsonian Institute. He is a faculty member of the National College of District Attorneys.

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Shaun pic

Shaun Santos


Expert Witness Categories:

Drugs | Narcotics | Use of Force
Confidential Informants | Search & Seizure 

Sgt. Shaun T. Santos has over twenty-five years of law enforcement experience and is a twenty year veteran of the Lowell, Massachusetts Police Department. He has been assigned as a full-time Task-Force Officer with the Drug Enforcement Administration for over ten years. Sgt. Santos has extensive expertise in the management of multi-jurisdictional drug and money laundering investigations, including various methods of electronic surveillance. He has been involved in the preparation and execution of over one hundred search warrants for narcotics. Sgt. Santos has received a Bachelor of Science Degree (UMass-Lowell) and Master’s degree (Anna Maria College) in criminal justice. Sgt. Santos obtained his juris doctorate from Suffolk Law School in 2007. Shaun has served as an expert throughout the United States.

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Glenn Bard

CISSP, EnCE, CFCE, CEECS, CHFI, A+, Network+, Security+

Expert Witness Categories:

Computer and Cell Phone Forensics, Mapping

Glenn Bard is a retired Pennsylvania State Trooper First Class and U.S. Veteran of Operations Desert Storm. In 1999 Glenn began Computer Crime Investigations for the PA State Police and has since investigated crimes across the United States ranging from Child Pornography to Criminal Homicide. Glenn has also conducted forensic  examinations for City, State and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies including the FBI, US Postal Inspectors, and I.C.E.,  as well as, foreign governments.

Glenn has been certified as an expert in both State Court and by the United States Federal Court in the areas of Digital Forensics, Cellular Technology and Computer Technology.

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Chief Tim Longo

J.D., Attorney

Expert Witness Categories:

Use of Force | Deadly Force | Search & Seizure
Law Enforcement Policies & Procedures  
Administration | 1st & 4th Amendment | Internal Affairs

Tim began his law enforcement career with the Baltimore Police Department in 1981. In September of 1990, he was reassigned to the Education and Training Division as the agency’s primary law instructor. April of 1993, he assumed command of the Department’s Special Investigation Section within the Internal Investigation Division. His duties focused on the investigation of Criminal wrongdoing within the department’s ranks.

Chief Longo (retired) served as Chief of Police for the City of Charlottesville, Virginia until 2016. Longo is a graduate of Towson University in Baltimore where he served as an Adjunct Professor. He is a graduate of the University of Baltimore,  School of Law. Tim serves as an Expert Witness and regularly lectures across the United States for the Legal and Liability Risk Management Institute.


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Brian pic

Brian S. Batterton

Lieutenant, Cobb County, GA Police Department, Attorney

Expert Witness Categories:

Use of Force | Deadly Force | Officer Involved Shooting
Law Enforcement Policies – Tactics | Procedures
School Related Issues

Brian Batterton is an attorney in the State of Georgia and currently a Lieutenant with the Cobb County Police Department.

He has been in law enforcement since 1994 and obtained his Juris Doctorate in 1999 from John Marshall Law School in Atlanta. He has served as an officer in Uniform Patrol, a detective in Criminal Investigations, a Corporal in the Training Unit and as a Sergeant in Uniform Patrol.

Brian is currently assigned as the Legal Officer to the Chief of Police. In addition to his work at the police department, he also lectures for the Legal and Liability Risk Management Institute (LLRMI) on both criminal law and procedure topics, as well as, police civil liability.

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Reed Edited

Tracey Reed

Expert Witness Categories:

Jail – Suicides | Medical | In-Custody Deaths
Classification | Booking | Mental Health 
Detoxification | Policies

Ms. Tracey Reed is an Independent Jail Consultant & Owner of T. Reed Consulting with nearly a quarter century of total corrections experience. Ms. Reed, a graduate of Brescia University, is a veteran in the field of corrections, having served the Commonwealth of Kentucky for over a decade as a Senior Probation and Parole Officer in addition to being selected as the first female jail consultant for the Department of Corrections. Ms. Reed’s expertise includes interpreting state and federal regulatory standards governing construction, renovation and operations, as well as, performing jail audits ad investigations into critical incidents. Ms. Reed also develops & provides training for jail staff in critical areas of operation in order to help county officials reduce their level of liability. She resides in Louisville, Kentucky.

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Jeff Carter

CJM (Retired)

Expert Witness Categories:

Jail – Use of Force | Suicide | Restraints
Medical | Mental Health | PREA | Internal Affairs  
Sexual Misconduct | Policies & Procedures | Cell Extraction

Jeff retired December 2018 as the Deputy Director of the Fayette County Detention Center in Lexington, Ky.  Over his 20-year career he has worked all levels of custody inside a 1300 bed correctional facility located in the horse racing capital of the world.  Jeff was an instructor for 5 years inside the Academy where he trained over 700 recruits, molding them into successful leaders in the Corrections field.  He’s trained and commanded the CERT team as well as taught Drill and Ceremony to the Division Honor guard.  While promoting through the ranks he commanded the Professional Standards Unit where he specialized in Internal Affairs investigations and Gang Intel for 7 years.  Jeff completed over 200 administrative investigations, as well as, conducted over 100 PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act) investigations.  He is well versed in PREA and is a PREA Investigator Instructor.  Jeff has completed the top Leadership academies at the National Institute of Corrections in Aurora, Co.  He brings experience from proudly serving 4 years in the U.S. Marine Corps, followed by obtaining his BS degree in Correction’s and Juvenile Services/ Political Science from Eastern Ky. Univ., through his career as a Corrections Leader.  Jeff was a Certified deputy coroner within the Commonwealth of Kentucky for 8 years.  He presents jail training throughout the country and serves as an Expert Witness around the United States focusing on jail litigation.

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Caruso image

David Caruso

Expert Witness Categories:

Jail – Use of Force | Suicide | Mental Health
Cell Extraction | In-Custody Death | Policies & Procedures 
Restraint Devices | Intake | Classification

David has worked in Jail/Correction since 1981, retiring as Deputy Director of the Medium Security II at the Rhode Island Department of Correction. David received his Bachelor and Masters Degree from Salve Regina University and regularly teaches as an Adjunct Instructor in their Criminal Justice Program.

David has worked as a Jail Correction expert for the last 8 years through out the United States.

David conducts Jail Audits and regularly teaches Jail Correction Officers throughout the United States for the Legal and Liability Risk Management Institute. David has served as a Jail Expert Witness since 2010.

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Riggs - Copy

Steve Riggs

Expert Witness Categories:

Fire | Arson | Origin & Cause
Residential, Commercial, Vehicle, Fire Fatality  
NFPA 921 & 1033

Steve Riggs offers over 40 years of combined experience with  23 years of law enforcement, and 39 years of fire origin and cause experience. The last 40 years have involved the origin and cause investigation of fires and explosions. These investigations were for law enforcement agencies, fire departments, the insurance industry and their attorneys. Steve has obtained training in  fire investigations, public fire education, fire suppression and interviewing techniques. Additional training has been received in interviewing, fire fatality, homicide investigations, and 179 other training opportunities. Steve holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Emergency Services Management.

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coker (Custom)

Mike J. Coker

SGT. (Ret) Portsmouth, VA Police Department

Expert Witness Categories:

Use of Force | Deadly Force | Officer Involved Shooting
Leadership | Supervision
Investigation Procedures

Mike J. Coker, Sergeant (Retired) served as a Uniform Patrol Supervisor with the Portsmouth, Virginia Police Department. Sergeant Coker is an 18-year veteran of the Portsmouth Police Department and his last assignment was the Squad Commander of the Homicide and Robbery Division, where he held this position for 3 years. Prior to this assignment Sgt. Coker commanded the Sex Crimes Family Violence Unit. Sergeant Coker has an extensive background as an investigator and places strong emphasis on case management, victim’s rights, interrogation and courtroom presentations.

Sergeant Coker has investigated over 1,000 domestic violence cases. Mike is a graduate of the University of Virginia Tech Leadership Course; a court certified Expert in the Field of Family Violence and has lectured throughout the United States in the Theories and Dynamics of Family Violence. Mike’s teaching experience includes: The Polaroid Corporation, Virginia’s Department of Criminal Justice Services, University of Delaware, Fairfax County, Virginia Police Academy, Hampton Roads Academy of Criminal Justice Services, Eastern Virginia Medical School, St. Louis County Police Training Academy to name a few. Mike is a Past Board of Director of Help Emergency Response (HER), the Battered Women Shelter in Portsmouth, Virginia, and has served as the keynote speaker on countless conferences across the country on Domestic/Family Violence Issues. Mike has received media coverage in his work in family violence and homicide investigations.

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Dave Rivers - Copy

David Rivers

SGT (Retired)


Expert Witness Categories:

Use of Force | Deadly Force | Officer Involved Shooting
Investigation Procedures

David Rivers retired as a Detective Sergeant in the Homicide Bureau of the Metropolitan Dade County Police Department after over 27 years. As a lead investigator and supervisor he assisted in the investigation of several hundred homicides, suicides, accidental and other death investigations.  On April 11, 1986 he supervised the crime scene portion of the investigation of the largest shootout in the history of the F.B.I.  He and several of the involved agents have given presentations on this incident for 32 years as of 2018.

In 1988 David was assigned as Supervisor of the “Cold Case Squad” which was responsible for the continuing investigation of information received on over 1,800 open homicides dating back to 1951. He has consulted on cases in the United States, Canada, Holland and the United Kingdom.

He has a Bachelor of Science degree from Nova Southeastern University and a Masters of Science degree from Florida International University, both in Criminal Justice.

David is a charter member and past board of director’s member of the International Homicide Investigator’s Association. On June 21, 2012 he received the Award for Excellence, Career Achievement in Death Investigation, Cold Case, and Homicide Training from the International Homicide Investigator’s Association at the 19th Annual Symposium, New Orleans, Louisiana.

In the fall of 2014 was hired as a consultant by CNA’s Institute for Public Research, Arlington, VA, to assist in the examination of the Philadelphia Police Department’s Police Involved Shootings over the last two decades.  An evaluation tool was developed and each shooting was examined and the data entered into to tool for further evaluation.

During his career he received the Silver Medal of Valor in 1996 for biohazard exposure during the Valu-Jet crash investigation.

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