LLRMI contracts with institutions who provide risk management and insurance to the public safety community regarding on-going claims and preventive measures that can be taken to reduce liability before the exposure occurs.

James R. Alsup, President, LLRMI

John “Jack” Ryan, Attorney, Co-Director

Lou Reiter, Co-Director


LLRMI provides a complete service of reviewing & writing High Risk Critical Task Policies and Procedures – which has shown to contribute to 90% of all litigation for law enforcement and jail/correction facilities.

Depending on the need and resources of the requesting Agency, LLRMI may conduct critical task operations policy review on a single policy, multiple policies, or all critical task policies. LLRMI utilizes its Legal & Professional Advisory Board to review policies and provide recommendations or technical assistance on the policies submitted. All policies reviewed and/or written are state specific with State legislative mandates, US Circuit Court of Appeals decisions, U.S. Supreme Court decisions, and cited to CALEA and American Correction Association mandates


LLRMI provides consultations with risk managers and Law Enforcement Administrators regarding on-going claims and preventive measures that can be taken to reduce liability in law enforcement agencies before the exposure occurs.


LLLRMI is involved in a number of cases each year defending law enforcement and jail/corrections liability claims. This case development provides us with an opportunity to identify trends in lawsuits. The trends help us stay ahead of the curve in policy development and providing consultation for claims against your agencies.


LLRMI has an on-going affiliation with over 60 law enforcement experts who are nationally recognized in their particular law enforcement field.

Unlike many expert services that operate as a single person entity, LLRMI takes the team approach and can provide a multi-disciplinary approach to a single case where doing so will enhance the law enforcement agency’s defense.

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Legal & Liability Training: Risk Managers and Insurance Representatives find practical value from courses like…

Defending Law Enforcement Litigation,
Internal Affairs, Managing Citizen Complaints and Employee Discipline,
Department Policies and Procedures

Constitutional Law Update

…and other courses available through LLRMI.

Visit our Training page for a complete list of training courses and options.


Free Legal Updates and Training Articles: The LLRMI article archives are updated weekly with responses to legal questions, legal updates and other categories of articles that will keep Risk Managers and Insurance representatives up to date on the ever-changing landscape of public safety liability. Articles are published through the free E-Newsletter

Legal & Liability books and reference materials: LLRMI resources will include an ever-expanding list of titles on legal & liability issues pertaining to public safety and criminal justice in the near future.

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