This webinar will introduce the attendees to the proper steps of conducting iOS forensics. The presentation will cover acquisitions of iOS devices using various different tools, to the analysis of the data. Items such as SQL databases and PLIST’s will be explored and analyzed. Additionally, items such as settings, icloud syncs and other information will be covered. Additionally, the presentation will cover the proper steps to obtain an iOS backup from Apple, as well as identifying and locating iOS backups on computer systems. Specifically, the webinar will cover the following topics:

▪Acquisitions using various tools
-Advanced logicals and file systems
-What are CheckM8 and CheckRa1n.
▪Analyzing the data
-SQL databases
-What do they contain
-BLOB data, ROWID’s, date and time conversions
-What are they and what can they give us
-Analyzing apps the software doesn’t parse
-Identifying settings, synced data, and more
▪Getting the iOS backup from Apple
-Proper steps
-What is in the backup and how to analyze it
▪Backups from computer systems
-What are they located
-Mac vs Windows
-How to analyze a backup

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