Over the last five years there have been numerous calls for law enforcement to conduct training on Procedural Justice and Legitimacy of Authority. In the 1800s Sir Robert Peel the “Father of Modern Policing” recognized that for law enforcement to be effective, the authority of law enforcement and the legitimacy of law enforcement had to be accepted by the public. If the authority was not accepted, then there would be no respect for law enforcement or the law itself.
Peel also recognized that gaining the public’s acceptance of law enforcement authority through procedural justice would make policing easier due to greater respect of the law itself and the enforcement authority of officers during stops and arrests.
At the Legal & Liability Risk Management Institute we have recognized that many state legislature’s have issued unfunded mandates for training on topics such as de-escalation; procedural justice; legitimacy of law enforcement authority and implicit bias.   We have also recognized issues related to the pandemic and budgetary constraints that impact an agency’s ability to provide instructor-led classroom training.
In an effort to assist law enforcement agencies nationwide, we are providing training videos for a low one-time cost that allows an agency to train all of its officers with consistency on these topics.
We are now offering a 29-minute video covering the principles and implementation of Procedural Justice that leads to Legitimacy of Law Enforcement Authority.

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