Surviving cross examinations in trials and depositions involving the experts’ educational background, documentation skills, application, and knowledge of relevant related documents including NFPA®, ASTM International, additional updated questions for experts will be provided.

After many requests, this webinar will cover more in-depth and up to date questions you can expect from NFPA® 921 and 1033 documents. Discussion on the upcoming NFPA® 1321 due for release as the 2024 edition.

All attendees will have access to the new updated questions for 2022, the questions have been updated to the new documents.

Each attendee receives the updated critical task sheets for the current 921 and 1033 editions.

Ask yourself this question? Am I ready if subpoenaed to testify in a court case or deposition? Is this a large loss case? A fire death, or severe injury case?

It is imperative that you are prepared to answer any questions pertaining not only to the case but questions about your qualifications, education, and training.

You must be prepared for tough challenges during depositions or when expert testimony is required

We will cover changes in the post-secondary education requirements, and updates to job performance requirements in NFPA 1033. We will cover simple questions, to more difficult questions concerning your investigation and qualifications.

Can you defend your case while demonstrating you followed the best accepted practices of the fire investigation industry?

No case can be truly bulletproof however, preparation, along with a systematic approach, a scientific methodology, documentation of your education and training, and referencing documents followed, should assist in your qualifications to be accepted.

The real challenge could come from the opposing attorney’s challenges, or how the court perceives your testimony with regards to it being acceptable and admissible in his/her court.

Today there is no room for error, as an investigator, we must be ready to meet the challenges of being accepted as an expert whether in court, depositions, or appeals courts. Civil trials etc.

We are being held to a higher standard of care today than in past history, we must be able to effectively and efficiently present our qualifications, and conclusions so there are no challenges about preconceived, or unsupported speculation arguments.

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