This webinar is designed to explore the endless possibilities of using tablets in your investigations.
There are various reasons for investigators to use tablets during investigations, whether public, private, law enforcement fire, or military-related.
➢ Your documentation is your original work product when submitting your work to the prosecutor, DA, ADA, Solicitor, U.S. Attorney, Insurance or military attorneys, or other applicable experts.
➢ When asked for your originals your response should be, these are my originals I documented at the scene. Now there is nothing else to compare them with such as written documentation for perceived discrepancies.
➢ There is no need to return to your agency/company, or home to retype your original work. This saves time, duplicate documentation, and two sets of documents for discovery.
➢ The investigator can speak to the forms by using voice recognition which eliminates typing photo logs, entry logs, and other pertinent documentation.
➢ We will discuss how to move your forms to and from OneDrive and the advantages available to you.
➢ Each attendee will be provided various fillable forms and explanations of using a tablet, whether Android, IOS, Windows 10, Surface Pro, MacBook, etc. with the provided forms or your agency or company forms.
➢ A list and examples of various apps will be discussed and their ability to enhance the tablet experience.

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