Course Description

Virtually any time the topic of job satisfaction or organizational effectiveness is raised in the public safety sector, the issue of morale is mentioned.  When departments are struggling with hiring and retention, when the public questions a department’s effectiveness, or when leaders believe the productivity of their employees is not where it should be, morale is mentioned most of the time.  So, if morale is such a big issue, what can leaders do about it?  What role does the worker have in his/her own morale?  What actually affects the morale of our public safety personnel and their agencies?

This webinar will provide answers to these and other questions about morale in our public safety agencies.  We will discuss the effects of both high morale and low morale.  We will identify the main factors of low morale as recognized from research and experience and follow that with ideas of what can be done to remove or at least mitigate the fallout from these factors.  

Course Outline

  1. We hear a lot about morale, but what is it generally as it pertains to public safety?
    1. How to gauge morale accurately
    2. Effects of high morale on an agency
    3. Effects of low morale on an agency

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