Course Overview:

  • This virtual training module will address the rather complex decision of who and when to conduct each of these investigations.  This becomes very important following a critical incident such as a fatal shooting or pursuit, jail death, or the arrest of an employee.The current environment in the country has changed.  Officers are now being criminally charged for on-duty actions that 10 years ago would have gone unnoticed by prosecutors and the community.  Times have changed and law enforcement has been slow to adapt to these changes.There are many considerations to address the needs of the common stakeholders in type of incident.  How best can you satisfy the needs of the agency, employee involved, prosecutor, community, media, legal and insurance support, and the State certification unit.This webinar will address the often-competing interests of each group.  There is no one right way to proceed.  This webinar will give you a framework and checklist to assist in making the best decision in an environment that is increasingly becoming more complex.  

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