Course Overview:

The summer of 2020 changed the landscape of American law enforcement tactics, policies, procedures and operations forever. Law enforcement officers are facing a time where their exposure to liability and intense public scrutiny has sky rocketed. No other career field has been subjected to the pressures and critical issues that law enforcement officers face today. 

This webinar will focus on applying what we have learned over the past few years from incidents around the country and how it applies to tactical team operations now. 

The topics discussed will include:

The decision-making process during tactical operations

The role of S.W.A.T during times of civil unrest

Serious use of force during a S.W.A.T operation

  • What happens? What do you do? Who do you talk to?

Training beyond the threat

Less lethal training, munitions, weapon systems and deployments

The basics of a reasonable less lethal response 

The steps taken before deploying munitions

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