Course Overview:
 The NFL does it! So does the NBA, NHL, MLB and the NCAA! So why aren’t we recording all the critical details of our interviews and interrogations?
With increased attention to cases of wrongful conviction and contaminated statements, interviews of victims, witnesses, and suspects is receiving added scrutiny by both criminal and civil courts. This includes not only law enforcement but retail and corporate loss prevention as well. The consequences can be financially staggering!
The simple truth is that despite the sworn testimony of investigators that statements obtained from suspects are voluntary and not coerced, there are increasing legal challenges to show proof via electronic recording. As a result many agencies and several states are establishing policies that require recording of victim, witness and suspect interviews.
Even though the idea of mandatory recording of some interviews and interrogations has been around in since 1984, there are still some local, state and federal agencies that are still putting off their decision to record or not record. This virtual training session will focus on some the facts, fiction and fallacies about the electronic recording on interviews and interrogations.
Topics will include:
• Historical Background
• Policy Considerations
• Recording Procedures
• Preservation of Recordings
• Transcription Services
• Recording Applications
• Equipment Selection
• Static Installations
Instructor: Stan Walters
Stan B. Walters has spent nearly 4 decades studying and researching the science of interview and
interrogation. He is the author of Principles of Kinesic Interview and Interrogation, 2d, ed., The Truth About
Lying: How to Spot a Lie and Protect Yourself From Deception, and Practical Kinesic Interview and
Interrogation® Pocket Guide. Stan maintains a personal library of 1500+ videotaped interviews of inmates
in 36 prisons in 17 states and one foreign country and the US Military Detention Barracks at Ft.
Stan worked on a groundbreaking credibility research project conducted at John Jay College. The research
was in association with the US Naval War College, NYPD, and the Queens, Manhattan & Bronx District
Attorneys’ Offices. He has also served as an interviewing and interrogation subject matter expert for Johns
Hopkins University.
Stan has more than 50,000 hours on the platform as an instructor.
Stan has regularly appeared on major US network news, and on France Channel One and Australia Today.
He has been profiled twice on National Geographic and was the host and technical advisor on the National
Geographic special “The Science of Interrogation.”

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