Course Overview:

First responders today are better trained and equipped than ever. Most agencies provide first responders with top-of-the-line equipment and training. However, one segment of training has been slow to develop. Until recently little to nothing has been done for training wellness and resiliency for emotional trauma first responders experience. This training is for all First Responders (Police/Fire/EMS/Dispatch/CSI), as well as department heads and even risk management personnel. Education and training are how stigma is destroyed and a culture of resiliency and pro-active awareness for first responder issues is established. This training is presented by Mark Lowther who has over 30 years of experience as a first responder both as a law enforcement officer and an Advanced EMT. Mark will discuss from personal experience that there are ways to overcome the emotional trauma and stigma that first responders face. Mark has interacted with numerus first responders in Utah after traumatic incidents and is now being requested to provide training at conferences nationally on first responder wellness and resiliency. Mark will discuss different types of issues first responders may develop such as Compassion Fatigue, Toxic Empathy, and Cumulative PTSD, to name a few. Understanding these issues, and how to seek the assistance from a qualified resource if they develop is critical. Basic concepts of understanding and implementing a good peer support team will also be discussed. This training also benefits the agency in retaining trained and experienced personnel.

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