Course Overview:

“I didn’t know it was important.” “You didn’t ask me.” Two victim and witness comments that indicate their interviews were incomplete and poorly conducted.
The consequences of poorly conducted interviews during any investigation are virtually unlimited. Statements can be contaminated and compromised. A loss of trust in the investigator by the victim, witness, and even the jury. Prosecutors and / or administrators blinded sided by previously undisclosed information. Time and resources wasted retracing details missed during initial interviews.
The simple truth is most investigators get very rudimentary if any training at all on properly interviewing victims and witnesses. Although interviews and interrogations of suspects is certainly critical, there are no good excuses for not conducting comprehensive interviews of the victims or any possible witnesses. Getting complete and reliable statements from investigative interviews need not be complicated or labor intensive.
Interviews conducted properly the first time increase the amount of details and productive leads and facilitates a more efficient and focused investigative process. Victims and witnesses are more engaged and cooperative. Fully informed and appropriate administrative or prosecutorial decisions can be made bringing the case to a proper conclusion.
This course is designed help investigators progress their interviewing skills far beyond the basic “5 W’s and 1H” approach to interviewing. It will provide “cutting edge” methods that are easy to learn and deploy. Experienced investigators will be “rejuvenated” while new or fairly new investigators will be “educated” about “recall enhancing” interview methods that produce comprehensive, detail rich interviews.
Recommended for:
• Criminal Investigators
• Regulatory Inspectors
• Fire / Arson Investigators
• Occupational Safety Investigators
• Internal Affairs
• Corrections Investigators
• Insurance Special Investigations
• Loss Prevention / Risk Management Professionals
Legal & Liability Risk Management Institute
700 N. Carr Rd., # 595  Plainfield, IN 46123
Phone: 317-386-8325
Participates will:
• Learn how to employ “recall enhancing methods” when interviewing.
• Understand the 3 stages of memory.
• Explore the concept of the “Interviewer Impact Principle.”
• Discover how to gain and maintain victim and witness trust.
• Find out how to avoid common statement contamination pitfalls.
• Get an introduction to the “reality monitoring” concepts.
• Learn to symptoms that identify false statements.

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