Course Overview:

Officer Involved shootings, and uses of force resulting in great bodily injury continue to be some of the most complex and litigious investigations agencies face today.  

As such, it is imperative that we train our personnel to effectively meet their on-scene investigative responsibilities. 

Front-line supervisors are responsible for identifying the involved officers, obtaining public safety statements, containing, and coordinating the crime scene and investigative responses teams. 

During our training session, we will set up a mock use of force scenario requiring response and handling of these investigative needs.  

We will delve into the investigative actions necessary upon arrival and as the investigation continues.  

Join us as we discuss and explain what steps our first responders, supervisors, investigators, and involved officers need to know and do following a use of force.

  • Rank and file personnel who seek knowledge on use of force investigations.
  • Front line supervisors with specific responsibilities following uses of force incidents.
  • Investigative personnel seeking training and knowledge on the investigative/handling of the criminal and/or administrative use of force investigations.
  • District Attorney Investigative personnel responsible for responding to officer-involved use of force incidents.

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