Course Overview:

  • These two U.S. Supreme Court cases date back to 1967 and early 1970s.  So why hasn’t the law enforcement community got this straightened out and some definitive guidelines established?  The law is clear, but its application isn’t!  For many years it really had a limited effect on police operations and police employee careers.  The biggest change has been in the last 10 years with the advent of a more progressive role by prosecutors, the successes of exoneration groups such as The Innocence Project, and investigations and consent decrees by state and Federal DOJ units.  

    This webinar will address:

    • What these cases are and their application to police agency operations
    • The changes in the prosecutorial environment and its impact on individual officers
    • The basics of a reasonable written policy for your police agency
    • Steps individual employees should take to protect themselves and their law enforcement career

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