Course Overview:

Use of Force- Response to Inmate Aggression: As Corrections Officers, we face many challenges in dealing with the inmate population. Use of Force is utilized in our nation’s prisons and jails each day. It is our responsibility from the top down to ensure that the force we use is consistent with not only our own policies but current case law as well. This class will cover why “Use of Force” is one of the top two reasons Jails and Prisons face lawsuits around the nation and “Best Practices” we can train and implement to be successful in defending these legal challenges.
Define the following terms:
-Physical Force
-Deadly Physical Force
-Excessive Force
Examine given situations to determine the appropriate use of force
• Examine and explain the five (5) specific circumstances in which Corrections Officers have the right to use reasonable force.
• Determine if use of restraints constitutes use of force and recognize situations in which officers may use restraints.
• Examine situations to determine if deadly force may be used.
Choke Holds · Neck Restraints · Duty to Intervene
Duty to Care · Positional Asphyxiation · Active Aggression
Passive Aggression ·Active Resistance · Excessive Force

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