Course Overview:

  When PREA was signed into law September 4, 2003 it started the process of creating the standards as we know today.  These standards were promulgated in August 2012 and since then agencies have attempted to define the expectations of these standards and apply them in our facilities.  

   This course will approach the standards in three important areas.

  1) We will cover basic PREA standards and clarify how we are to meet those standards as well as correct some myths agencies have concerning the standards,

2) We will review the current hot topic of successfully managing the transgender population while meeting the PREA standards, and

3) We will discuss the elements needed in performing PREA investigations when we receive allegations of sexual assault and sexual harassment within a correctional setting. 

This webinar is ideal for PREA Coordinators, PREA Investigators as well as those agencies who just need more information relating to meeting the PREA standards in these very important areas.

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