Whether you have never testified, or you have testified many times, we will examine, a
few common, and more advanced questions during this webinar for surviving the fire
literatures we live by in fire investigations.
With the new editions of NFPA 1033 being released in 2022, the new NFPA 921, 2024
edition and NFPA 1321, 2024 edition, due to release around January, when we testify
or are challenged in depositions we must be prepared.
This webinar will include, preparation for the upcoming questions investigators can
anticipate being asked, questions that are opened ended requiring the jury or attorneys
to evaluate how your answers to the questions you are required to answer.
The webinar is directed toward new and seasoned investigators. The future challenges
especially referencing NFPA 1321 will vary greatly depending on how your policies are
written. This is the time to prepare before the new 1321 and 921 editions are released.
Do not depend on your legal counsel, judge, or jury to understand fire investigations. As
a public or private investigator, subject matter expert, or law enforcement investigator,
you must be prepared for future challenges.
It will be imperative that you can honestly and accurately answer the questions you may
be challenged with to be successful.
The goal is to minimize attacks regarding your testimony, and possibilities of limiting or
disqualifying your testimony.
Additionally, you will be provided with updated questions and answers relating to expert
testimony, get prepared, have fun, and join us for surviving court challenges.

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