This fire virtual training module will cover the most pertinent questions the professional may expect during cross-examination whether, during the trial, deposition, or other court-related proceedingsThere were many changes in the new NFPA® 921-2021 edition. During testimony, the expert can expect challenges on some of the changes, especially in the removal of chapter 20 as it was in the 2017 edition relating to the classifications of fire. This virtual training will include interaction between you and the instructor. Attendees will be provided questions and asked for a response as you would in a deposition or trial. Every participant will receive a copy of the new questions and answers for future reference and continuing training. Testifying as an expert today, you can expect better questions than we have received in the past. Experts are required to answer questions in an honest, confident, and professional manner. Your ability to testify with success is decided by a judge and or jury. This webinar is designed to assist every investigator or other professionals in how to respond to questions by opposing attorneys. As quoted by authors, “Chance favors the prepared mind.” 

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