Course Overview:

On a regular basis a threat posted to Social Media causes schools to close, businesses to lose customers and can even cause transportation delays. In many cases, it is seemingly impossible to tell if the threat is credible, a hoax or even urban legend.

In this webinar the attendee will be introduced to the correct steps and procedures to preserve the social media threat, determine the source, identify the actor, and take the correct steps to seize the involved device used to create the posting.

Specifically this webinar will cover the following: 

Searching Social Media and locating the threat.

TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more

Preserving the threat.

Capturing the post

Creating a copy of any videos

Identifying the user who made the posting

Locating the username

Preparing the request for the proper information

Exigent Circumstances vs warrant

Reviewing the results 

Tracking any IP addresses

Creating a second request for other information

ISP’s, Cellular Providers, email accounts

Identifying the device that created the post

Identifying the source network vs the actual person

Preparing the warrant for the source location

What items to ask for in the warrant

How to be prepared to seize the proper equipment

What other information can help us identify the actor

IP logs

Cellular records

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