“I never thought it could happen to me;” “I was not prepared to deal with this.” These phrases are common following an officer-involved shooting, particularly in agencies that have not experienced such an incident in recent times. Yet, what occurs – or does not occur – during the first 48 hours after the dust settles can have a lasting impact on both the officer and the agency. During this webinar, officers and deputies, chiefs of police and sheriffs, and all ranks in between from the smallest law enforcement agencies to the largest police departments will benefit from hearing Laura L. Scarry of the Chicago, Illinois law firm of DeAno & Scarry, LLC provide her knowledge, experience and expertise regarding the do’s and don’ts following officer-involved shootings and other critical incidents. A former police officer turned attorney with 25 years of experience representing hundreds of police officers in the immediate aftermath of critical incidents, during criminal investigations and proceedings, administrative investigations and disciplinary hearings, and civil litigation, Laura will explain how officers and the agencies they work for can best prepare for critical incidents before, during and after they occur.

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