DON’T miss this virtual training opportunity. This training will take an in-depth look at the NFPA 1033 new additions and changes every successful fire investigator will be required to know.
Prosecutors on the public sector side, and insurance attorneys on the private side, must adequately vet their experts today to assure the expert’s compliance and knowledge with NFPA 1033, 2022 standards.
Experts must be prepared to answer questions regarding the changes in the 2022 NFPA 1033 standards.
Questions referencing NFPA 2022 standards could arise during depositions, preliminary hearings, show cause, grand juries, or trials.
Will you survive potential challenges when questioned?
The goal of this virtual training is to assure you are familiar with the changes in the standards of the NFPA 1033 – 2022 edition and can withstand the challenges of testimony, depositions, and trial. You and your expert report may not survive the challenge and could be excluded as an expert.

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