Investigating Fatal Officer Involved shootings

Someone is dead resulting from an officer(s)’ use of lethal force.  How do you investigate, is this a homicide or is this just another use of force investigation?  We know a homicide is the killing of one person by another.   In a fatal officer involved shooting you have a death resulting from an officer(s)’ action. Homicide investigations are the most detailed and thorough investigations we conduct.  Yes, we will investigate a fatal officer involved shooting, but we will do so much the same way as a homicide investigation, with attention to detail and a relentless pursuit of the facts.  You will be supervising/ overseeing the crime scene, evidence collection and processing, photo-documentation of the crime scene, and the criminal investigations of the decedent’s actions and the officers’ actions.  We need to determine if the officer(s)’ involved were legally justified in the use of lethal force, in addition to the administrative investigation. We will discuss Garrity, Public Safety Statements, Walkthroughs/Positional Photographs, the use of Body Worn Camera footage, bifurcated investigations, and much more. Our goal is to better prepare you for one of the most complex and often most litigious investigations of your career.  Join us as we discuss ways to successfully navigate these very complex investigations.        

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