This four-part webinar series is designed for law enforcement (homicide and death investigators), coroner/medical examiner investigators (medicolegal death investigators) and
those in the child protection field. The instruction will comprehensively examine all aspects of responding to and investigating cases of child homicide and unexplained deaths of children, either through accidental causes or those committed by parents, family members, caretakers, or others, and all forms of child maltreatment. Actual case studies will be presented to emphasize teaching points and to provide practical exercises for the participant discussions. The instructors have 60 years of combined experience in child death and homicide investigation, and all aspects of violence against children on a local and national level.

Part One:
National Overview of Child Death in the United States
Leading Causes of Death of Children
COVID – 19 and “Shelter in Place” Risks to Children
Child Abuse and Neglect Overview
Victim Demographics
Unknown Remains of Infant Cases
DNA & Genetic Genealogy
“Safe Haven Laws”
Introduction to SIDS and SUIDI Death
The Death Scene
Part Two:
Risk Factors
Investigative Steps – SUIDI Form updated 2020
Doll Re-enactments
Shaken Baby Syndrome – Myths vs. Reality
Filicides – Common Motives
Acutely Psychotic
Unwanted Child
Spouse Revenge
Part Three:
Filicides continued
Family Abductions – Spousal Revenge
Case Studies
Infant Abductions by Strangers
Fetal Abductions
Case Studies
Deaths to Unborn Children
Killing of Unborn Quick Child
Child Maltreatment
Overview of Child Neglect
Recognizing Signs of Neglect
Physical Signs
Unhealthy Living Conditions
Overview of Child Abuse
Physical Signs
Bruises, Contusions, Pattern Injuries
Thermal Injuries – Types and Patterns
Lacerations – Incised Wounds
Bone Fractures
Part Four:
“Hot Car Deaths”
Case Study
Sexual Abuse
Psychological – Emotional Abuse
Child Advocacy Centers
The Role of the Coroner/Medical Examiner
False Allegations of Child Abductions
Case Studies
Special Needs Children – Autism Spectrum Disorder and Heightened Risk to Children
Case Studies
Sex Trafficking Overview
The Role of the Internet and Social Media

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