Digital evidence is becoming commonplace in every type of investigation, ranging from examining a phone for distracted driving traffic accidents to evidence of criminal homicide. And this digital evidence can take many forms, from cellular records to physical devices, to clouds such as Amazon, Google, and Apple. In this 3-hour event, the attendee will be instructed on what types of digital evidence exist in common places, and how to properly word a search warrant to properly obtain that evidence. The webinar will also cover how to word search warrants that allow for extended periods of time, such as months or years’ worth of records. Additionally, the event will cover how to word search warrant language to compel providers to assist in identifying the correct person(s), devices, and locations. Lastly, all attendees will be supplied with warrant language that covers many of the topics, such as cellular records, cloud providers, social media accounts, and electronic devices.


This virtual training will cover the following:


Cellular Records

MNO’s such as AT&T, T-Mobile (Sprint), and Verizon

MVNO’s such as Tracfone, Straight Talk, MetroPCS, and more

VOIP and Application providers


Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and others


Cloud Data

Cellular provider clouds

Social Media clouds

Apple, Google, and Amazon clouds


Electronic devices




IoT devices such as doorbells, security cameras and more

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