This course will introduce the attendee to the wild west of the internet, commonly known as the
Dark Web. The internet is comprised of three main categories, Clearnet, Deep Web, and Dark
Web. In this course, the attendee will be instructed on the differences, and how to access the Dark
Web using various different utilities for both smartphones and computers. Once on the Dark Web,
several topics, such as cryptocurrency, Mixers, Escrow, and even Mining will be covered. The
student will then be exposed to how to gather artifacts of Dark Web usage on mobile devices
and computer systems. Additionally, the attendee will be instructed on how to identify a traceable
IP vs how to identify when the IP address is simply an exit gateway from the Dark web to the clear
What is the Dark Web
-How is it accessed
-How does the data travel
-Examples of common dark web sites
-Onion sites
-Onion search engines
-Dark Web currency
-Data Mining
Dark Web Forensics and Investigations
-Collecting the artifacts
-Conducting a RAM dump
-Analyzing Onion apps
-Identifying IP addresses
-Conventional IP addresses
-Identifying Dark Web gateways

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