This webinar will cover an in-depth overview of the document. Keeping in mind there is a time until near the end of the year a person could file a NITMAM which could delay it’ release.

This webinar will provide the attendee with the necessary information to prepare to comply with the new document before it’s release.

This document covers agencies and companies with two or more investigators in their employment.

The question is? Does your agency or company have an up-to-date technical review plan for the investigators work product?

Do you and your agency or company have a rigorous in-depth site safety risk assessment document to ensure all safety issues have been considered and recognized?

Does your agency or company have an ethics policy for ethical principles in place? Do you know what it says? Do you and others have a copy?

How will you demonstrate you have the proper forms and records in place to meet NFPA 1321?

How will you or your company demonstrate for the following, the standard shall define the minimum requirements necessary for the effective operation and management of FlUs and to provide high-quality fire and explosion investigations.

How will you, your company or agency document the following? The FlU shall maintain an organizational chain of supervision and accountability outlined in written or graphic form.

The FlU shall have written protocols detailing services the unit will provide.

The FlU shall have policies addressing integrity, accountability, independence and impartiality, respect, commitment, and conduct. How will you write your policy in a format to ensure compliance with the document?

We will cover much more in the webinar to ensure you are aware of the requirements that must be met.

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