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Jack Ryan is an attorney in Rhode Island, a graduate Juris Doctorate, Cum Laude Suffolk University Law School. Jack has 20 years police experience as a police officer with the Providence Police Department, Providence, RI. Jack’s law degree and experience as a police officer gives him the unique perspective of the legal and liability issues. Jack is a former adjunct faculty member at Salve Regina University and lectures frequently throughout the United States.

U.S. Supreme Court: The Automobile Exception Does Not Permit the Warrantless Entry of a Home or its Curtilage in Order to Search a Vehicle Therein

©2018 Jack Ryan, Attorney, Legal & Liability Risk Management Institute (www.llrmi.com) In Collins v. Virginia,[1] the United States Supreme Court examined the sanctity of a home’s curtilage, [an area adjacent to the home and to which activity of home life extends] when [...]

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