Cell Searches, Shakedowns and Body Scanners

Jail Safety and Security is the top priority for every agency in order to provide a safe working environment for staff, and safe living environment for Offenders. Keeping contraband out of our facilities is just one of the tactics we use to accomplish that task. Contraband enters a correctional facility in various ways. This training will cover areas such as; Cell Searches & Shakedowns, Pat, Frisk & Strip Searches, Mail Procedures, Perimeter Checks, Vehicle Searches, and ends with Documenting and sound Policy recommendations to further prepare staff to combat the never-ending mission of limiting contraband within our facilities.

Observations, & Safety Checks: Are They Really That Important?

One of the most important duties required of a correctional officer is to ensure the safety of all inmates under their charge. The most effective way to accomplish this is by performing regular, but staggered safety/observation checks. In most instances, when agencies are faced with litigation, their policy and practices related to these duties are questioned. In this class, we will review why and how these checks are completed properly in order to lessen liability.

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