Course Overview:

One of the most important and least conducted functions at a search warrant or crime scene is a Router Interrogation. A good Router Interrogation could do many things, including identifying how many devices need to be seized, if the neighbor committed the crime, and even if there had been a network intrusion. Essentially the router is the single point of entry into that network, and like anything else, it must be controlled. As Law Enforcement, we would never raid a house without being in control, and the same thing should be said for the network. And unfortunately, we can’t just unplug that router and do it in the lab, because that will erase all of the contents forever. In this event, the attendee will be instructed on how to conduct a full and thorough forensic examination on scene. 

Specifically, this webinar will cover:

  • For starters, put it in the warrant 
  • Explaining why it must be done on scene
  • What is a network
  • How a Router functions
  • The IP addresses
  • Public vs Private
  • Static, dynamic or lease
  • Preparation for the exam
  • What to bring
  • Conducting the exam
  • How to interface
  • The 5 items to locate
  • Identifying problems
  • No encryption
  • Attached devices
  • Possible intrusions
  • Documenting the exam and creating the report

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