As investigators each of us may be assigned a fire fatality case involving a victim, or multiple victims. The California boat fire claimed thirty-four victims, multiple fatalities at the Alabama boat dock fire and in history we have witnessed large losses of life in hotel/resort fires.

These types of fires do not generally occur multiple times during a month or even a year depending on the size and occupancy of your jurisdiction.

Like any fire investigation, we must apply a proper methodology, ad a scientific methodology. The proper documentation, and additional resources necessary for the investigation must also be considered.

Every state or commonwealth will have various protocols for the investigations involving fire deaths//fatalities.


We will cover some best accepted practices, along with each of you may have defined protocols to follow during these types of investigations.

The one question that will remain unanswered until the investigation is complete will include, was this an accidental fire, incendiary fire, or other. There will be many interested parties or stakeholders who will be waiting for a determination. This could be a criminal case that may require a combination of investigation factors, possible charges being filed, or an accidental fire with civil litigation involving wrongful death litigation etc.

This webinar will cover aspects of documentation, packaging oof the descendant(s), working with the prosecutor, ADA, Solicitor, U.S. Attorney, private attorney’s etc.

The role of the medical examiner or coroner, the pathologist, and the final determination of the cause and manner of death.

Necessary documentation of the victim(s), types of precautions, the use of the fire fatality checklist, evidence collection if necessary and special circumstances large loss cases.

Each attendee will receive the updated fire death/fatality investigation forms, check sheet, critical tasks sheet etc.

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