Cell phones records are used in all types of crimes; however, the examination can become more complex when numerous accounts need to be analyzed and compared. In this webinar the attendee will be instructed on advanced techniques such as identifying calling patterns, proving who owns burner phones, and link analysis between accounts. Additionally, these techniques will be done using tools such as i2 and Excel. Specifically, this webinar will cover the following:

Identifying calling patterns

  • Top contacts by communication patterns
  • Identifying the phone being turned off
  • Identifying the top visited locations

Identifying pre-paid accounts

  • Open source tools to identify ownership
  • Using patterns to identify common contacts
  • Research tools to identify ownership

Comparing records to find common contacts

  • Analyzing numerous records to find common contacts
  • Analyzing calls vs texts to determine different communication patterns
  • Tools to create link analysis between multiple sets of records

Analyzing Tower Dumps

  • Looking for frequency of calls
  • Looking for common numbers on different tower dumps

Identifying and excluding common numbers that aren’t evidence

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