Course Overview:

It is a universal understanding that good communication is an essential trait for any good leader. Being able to effectively communicate with followers, bosses, the public, and peers is a powerful tool for any supervisor. Without it, progress can be slow if not impossible. Poor communicators can sabotage their careers without even realizing it. Communications skills can be improved through practice and by studying communication techniques.

This course will outline some straightforward but essential communications skills that all supervisors need to be successful. Empathetic listening, using clear language, being respectful in all circumstances, and being flexible in your communications style are all ways to be a better communicator. We will identify poor communications practices, many of which you may not even realize you are doing. From informal communications to running a good meeting or giving a presentation, this class will provide some guidance to improve your interpersonal interactions. We will provide tips on good communication skills that can aid in problem solving and can provide a mechanism to a better quality work product for you and those you lead.

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