Course Overview:

Smart devices like Amazon Alexa, smartphones, and other IoT devices have become commonplace. And all of these devices are reporting information back to some type of server or cloud-based system. This online training event was designed to introduce the attendee to the many different types of cloud data that is available, and what it can contain. The training will include the various types of online data available; for example search warrants of each of them, what kind of results can be obtained, and how to examine the data. 

Specifically, the event will include: 

What types of Clouds/servers are going to be examined?





Others such as Snapchat and other app-based data


Geofence/location history

Google search information

Google cloud storage

Opening the email accounts in MBOX format

Best methods to examine the results

Converting the dates and times of all of the data


Apple iCloud backups

Native or readable format

Identifying the dates and times of the data

Apple account information

IP logins, addresses, emails, and so on


Alexa voice history

Identifying the Alexa device

Reviewing the results



Obtaining a copy of a Facebook page

Using Facebook information to help with non-Facebook investigations


Saved or unopened Messages to include pictures

Memories to include pictures and videos

Snapmap Locations

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