Seminar Title

First Line Supervision: Meeting the Leadership Challenges of Law Enforcement

Dates of Events

01/04/2022 through 01/06/2022

Last Updated: 12/02/2021
Instructor(s): Rick Baker
Location: Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office Training Center - 1825-2 West Willow Street, Scott, LA 70583
Hotel: Hampton Inn - Lafayette - 2144 West Willow Street, Scott, LA 70583
Course Registration Fee: $325
Instructor Bio
Rick Baker
Rick Baker
Chief Enrollment Officer for Criminal Justice and Emergency Services Management, Bethel University, McKenzie, TN
President of TN Law Enforcement Training Officers Association
Lieutenant (Retired), Putnam County Sheriff Office, Cookeville, TN

Rick is currently the President of TN Law Enforcement Training Officers Association where he coordinates and provides mandated training to officers in the state of Tennessee by top trainers from across the country. Rick has spent time lecturing and teaching officers, court clerks, and elected officials. He has lectured and taught at numerous national and state conferences.
Throughout his 27 year law enforcement career, Rick has supervised Corrections, Patrol, Training, SWAT as well as provided specialized training to other agencies. Rick has been called on as an expert witness in several court cases.
Rick received his Bachelor of Science from Lee University and his Masters in Criminal Justice Management from Columbus University. Rick holds numerous training, instructor and specialized certifications. He has been the coordinator for the Academy, teaching various subjects such as, tactics, firearms, driving, pit box-in, defensive tactics, FTO, Instructor development, and Ethics, Leadership.
Rick currently is the Chief Enrollment Officer for Criminal Justice and Emergency Services Management where he partners with officers across the country in an effort to provide advancements in education and training.
Course Objectives
Course Overview:
First Line Supervision, Leadership and Management

Leadership is not an easy task in the best of times but in the challenging times currently in law enforcement we will look at key principles all leaders should strive for as they prepare to make a difference in their law enforcement organization, especially under the current public scrutiny. This presentation will focus on individuals who are students of leadership and want to grow as individual leaders addressing their motivation for achieving and maintaining a high level of professionalism and leadership skills utilizing ethical decision-making.
Course Objectives:
· Leadership a Primer – By examining in detail the definition of leadership and focusing on the characteristics of great leaders and the levels of leadership the student will be able to identify those characteristics they need to develop and those that suit them best.
Questions covered in this block will include:
Born Leaders v. Learned Leaders?
Learning from your Mistakes, “The Eraser Principle”
What every Leader should stop doing!

· Leadership Case Study – To develop the officers toward leading ethically, a case study of several leadership styles is critiqued to help officers identify themselves the characteristics of success and the pitfalls of certain traits. Students will determine their Desires v. Abilities, Strengths v. Weaknesses, the differences, and what will make the most impact!
· Characteristics of Great Leaders – Law enforcement leaders will gain a valuable understanding of leadership by examining their leadership style and looking at leadership characteristics in detail to implement in their daily lives.
Topics covered will include: goals, responsibility, work ethic, principle, self-discipline, cooperation, improvement, sacrifice, listening skills, competition, honesty, excellence, attitude, morale and legacy.
· Winning Leadership – Everyone wants to be a winner, but winning takes practice, practice, practice. This block of instruction will give the daily workout plan to be a winning leader.
This block will cover the “How To” concept:
How to be a great boss!
How to win with your subordinates immediately!
How to “kill” your best employees!
How to create loyal employees!
How to delegate and not irritate!
How to prioritize effectively and successfully!
How to be a Courageous Leader!

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