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Compelled Statements (Garrity): New Challenges and Developments for 2021

The Truths and Myths About Suicide Response and Interventions

The Truths and Myths About Suicide Response and Interventions

Demonstrations and Civil Unrest: How Protesters are Using Technology to Organize and Communicate

Win, Don’t Lose, Employee Discipline Appeals

Child Homicides and Unexplained Deaths of Children

Verbal De-Escalation and Crisis Communication Skills to Diffuse and Re-Direct Conflict Behavior

Interaction and De-Escalation of Individuals on the Autism Spectrum

Managing Demonstrations, Protests, Civil Disobedience, Legal and Liability Issues

Procedural Justice and Legitimacy of Authority

2 Day Cellular Technology

Survival Skills for New Supervisors

De-Escalation Training 2020

First Responders Fatigue for Jails and Corrections Officers

Sexual Misconduct – How to Protect Your Agency from Liability

New Challenges to the Law Enforcement Internal Affairs Process

Current Trends for Dealing with Inmate Aggression Successfully

Putting the Fire Investigation Case Together for Success

How Current Events are Impacting and Shaping Law Enforcement

Cell Phones in Administrative Investigations

Federal Case Law for Fire Investigators

Defund/Disband the Police + Supplement

Law Enforcement Personnel and Implicit Bias During Interactions with Citizen and Suspects

Duty to Intervene – Duty to Render Aid

Public Safety Employee Retaliation Claims

How Current Events are Affecting Police Tactics and Policies

Developing a Reasonable Prescription Drug Policy

Emerging Legal Trends: Policing Demonstrations, Protest and Civil Unrest

Characteristics of Being a Great Supervisor

Crowd Control and Mass Demonstrations

Arrestee Restraint: Positional/Compression Asphyxia

2020 Neck Restraints

Administrative Investigations for In-Custody Deaths

Fire Scene Evidence Colletion Methods

Investigating Citizen Complaints for Street Supervisors

Applying the Latest Advancements in DNA Searching

How Law Enforcement Supervisors Motivate Even During Difficult Times

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