Video Training: Click on Video for Preview

Legal and Liability Training for the FTO Program

Active Threats, Active Shooters and Barricaded Subjects: Do You Have an Action Plan? Is Your Agency Prepared?

FTO Program Check Up

Deep Dive Cell Phone Records

Electronic Recording of Interviews & Interrogations: Facts, Fiction & Fallacies

Search and Seizure: Current Legal Trends

First Responders and Interacting with Individuals with Mental Illness

Avoiding Offender Manipulation – What Every Officer Needs to Know

Crypto Currency

Critical Time for Compelled (Garrity) Statements

NFPA 1033 – In-Depth Look and Analysis of Changes to the 2022 Edition

Cell Phone Digital Evidence Search Warrants and Forensic Cell Phone Reports

Investigating Online Sexual Predators/Offenders: “Sextortion” “Online Luring of Children”

Intake Screening: Where Liability & Lawsuits Start

Interaction and De-Escalation of Individuals on the Austism Spectrum

Introduction to Fire and Explosion Investigations

The Importance of Having a Peer Support Program for Your Department

Current Trends for Dealing with Inmate Aggression Successfully and Mental Health and Suicide Awareness

Implementing Tables into Fire/Arson Investigations

The Essentials for Setting Up and IA/OPS Operation

Digital Evidence Search Warrant

Cloud Data Investigations

NFPA® 921 and NFPA® 1033 Testimony Survival for Trials and Depositions

Dark Web Forensics

Introduction to Interview and Interrogation for New Detectives – Criminal Investigators – First Responders

I’ve Been Involved in an Officer Involved Shooting – NOW WHAT?

Investigating Child Homicides and Unexplained Deaths of Children

Intoxication and Withdrawal in the Jail Environment

The Truths and Myths About Suicide Response and Interventions

Demonstrations and Civil Unrest: How Protesters are Using Technology to Organize and Communicate

Win, Don’t Lose, Employee Discipline Appeals

Verbal De-Escalation and Crisis Communication Skills to Diffuse and Re-Direct Conflict Behavior

Managing Demonstrations, Protests, Civil Disobedience, Legal and Liability Issues

Procedural Justice and Legitimacy of Authority

2 Day Cellular Technology

First Responders Fatigue for Jails and Corrections Officers

Sexual Misconduct – How to Protect Your Agency from Liability

Current Trends for Dealing with Inmate Aggression Successfully

Putting the Fire Investigation Case Together for Success

Federal Case Law for Fire Investigators

Law Enforcement Personnel and Implicit Bias During Interactions with Citizen and Suspects

Duty to Intervene – Duty to Render Aid

Emerging Legal Trends: Policing Demonstrations, Protest and Civil Unrest

Crowd Control and Mass Demonstrations

Arrestee Restraint: Positional/Compression Asphyxia

Administrative Investigations for In-Custody Deaths

Fire Scene Evidence Colletion Methods

Applying the Latest Advancements in DNA Searching

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