Why should you maintain your National Certification as an IA/OPS Investigator? Today’s law enforcement Internal Affairs and administrative investigations are being challenged in the various appeal levels, courts, city halls, civilian oversight bodies, local media and public advocacy groups. You and your investigation may be second guessed and scrutinized as never before. Being Nationally Certified provides you with professional standing when you are faced with these challenges.
Lou Reiter, Director of the National Public Safety Internal Affairs Institute, created the first and most successful National Certification for IA/OPS investigators in 2007. Since that time, over 1,000 police practitioners have challenged the IA Certification process and have been awarded the
3-year certification status. Several hundred more have achieved certification more than once.
COVID-19 has interfered with the ability to maintain your professional certification. But through a new 5-module program developed by LLRMI and its Public Safety Internal Affairs Institute, you can now maintain your National Certification for an additional 18 months. You have 60-days to complete this self-paced, online program which covers the essentials and basics of conducting a reasonable, defensible and professional IA investigation. At the conclusion of each module you will be required to pass a test. Upon successful completion of all modules and tests, you will receive your LLRMI and National Public Safety Internal Affairs Institute credentials that will be good for 18 months.
During the 18-month period, you will be required to attend the 5-day instructor-led IA and Professional Standards Certification training by the National Public Safety Internal Affairs Institute. After successfully completing the course you will receive a 3-year Certification.

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