Legal and Liability Risk Management Institute 2023 Calendar and Jail High-Risk Critical Task Lesson Plans

How to use this calendar as an effective training tool: Each month print a copy of the lesson plan for each officer. Ask the officer to read, sign and date the lesson plan and keep it with training records.

¨ January– Use of Force in Jails

¨ February– Classification

¨ March– Care, Custody, Restraint and Transportation of Prisoners

¨ April– Grievances

¨ May– Medical Care

¨ June– Suicide Prevention

¨ July– Off-Duty Actions

¨ August– Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, Misconduct

¨ September– Hiring Retention Early Identification System

¨ October– Hostages

¨ November– Identity Verification

¨ December– Prisoner Rights-Religion


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