The IoT has become a catchphrase that many of us hear, but not too many people actually know what it means. This class was designed to introduce the attendee to what is part of the IoT, why it exists, and most importantly, is there evidence to help with Law Enforcement Investigations. This online course will cover the aspects of the IoT, Internet of Things. In it, we will discuss what makes up the IoT, and what types of devices are currently in use. Next, we will identify how to seize those devices properly and when we can examine them individually, or obtain the data from the servers or clouds.
  What is the IoT?
What types of devices are part of it?
How does it work?
What is its purpose?
Identifying the devices that may have evidence.
How do we identify the devices at the crime scene?
Properly Seizing the devices
Examining the IoT devices
What types of utilities can examine different types of IoT Devices?
Different software utilities to help with the examinations.
-Identifying the servers/clouds.
How do we identify which server or cloud?
How do we obtain that data?
How do we examine the contents of the server and cloud?

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