The fatality fire scene is complex requiring two separate but related investigations. The documentation of the fire scene, along with the fatality or fatalities, is important to the successful conclusion of the investigation.

An investigation requires a proper protocol along with the best-accepted practices will be applied during the investigation.

Describe the investigative considerations necessary to successfully identify and document the necessary documentation at the fatal scene.

Identify and describe the death investigation protocols applied during the investigation.

When to move the victim(s), and proper sequence of documentation

Utilize proper procedures for managing victims and fatalities, collection of evidence in and around the victim, and packaging procedures so that all evidence is discovered and preserved.

Evidence collection at a fire fatality scene investigation based upon NFPA® ASTM International, E-1188 Standard Practice for Collection and Preservation of Information and Physical Items by a Technical Investigator, E1459-Standard Guide for Physical Evidence Labeling and Related Documentation Securing the deceased as potential evidence.

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