Over the last year, De-Escalation Training for Law Enforcement officers has been at the forefront of recommendations by law enforcement groups, legislators, law enforcement reformers, and Federal, State, and local government leadership. The mind-set of de-escalation as currently envisioned is the use of tactics and techniques to avoid having to use any physical force. It is recognized that some events, due to active violence, do not allow for the time to attempt de-escalation. It is also recognized that many law enforcement interactions can be slowed down and de-escalated in a manner that diminishes the need for any physical force.
Many states and/or local governments have already mandated de-escalation training for all law enforcement officers. Many agencies are taking a pro-active approach to de-escalation training even though not yet mandated to do so.
At LLRMI we have recognized that a number of existing conditions have made it difficult for agencies to provide training. Concerns about the current pandemic and instructor-led classroom training, limited training resources, and limited personnel are just some of the issues law enforcement agencies currently face.
LLRMI has developed a 90-minute training on De-Escalation that covers all of the critical areas including, officer safety, active listening, communications both verbal and non-verbal as well as techniques an officer may use to assist in diminishing the need for force in any law enforcement event.
The one-time $250 thumbdrive/$200 digital download purchase of this 90-minute training video AND Model Policy allows an agency unlimited use of the video for the training of all present and future officers within their agency.
Where the local mandate calls for additional time i.e. a two-hour or four-hour training block, LLRMI has additional resources available that include role-play scenarios that the agency can utilize as an additional training resource.

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