Why should you maintain your National Crisis/Hostage Negotiator Certificate? The Law enforcement community is very concerned about officer certifications. Agencies must ensure that their officers maintain certifications in everything from defensive driving, less-lethal tools, and deadly force. Yet, many of these same agencies do not require certification for their hostage/crisis negotiation teams.

Today’s law enforcement Tactical/Special Operations units are being challenged in the various appeal levels, courts, city halls, civilian oversight bodies, local media, and public advocacy groups. You and your Negotiation Team may be second-guessed and scrutinized as never before. Being Nationally Certified provides you with professional standing when you are faced with these challenges.

In 2006 NYPD Lt. Hugh McGowen (Ret) and NYPD Det. Dominick Misino (Ret) of the NYPD Hostage Negotiation Team created the first and most successful NationalCertification for Crisis/Hostage negotiators. Since that time, they personally trained Lt. Mark Lowther (Ret) (Ogden, Utah) to instruct the material as well. Lt. Lowther continues to teach the same equality training passed on to him through LLRMI’s training programs.

COVID-19 has interfered with the ability to maintain your professional certification. But through a new 4-module program developed by LLRMI and its Public Safety Special Operations Institue, you can now maintain your National Certification for an additional 24 months. You have 60-days to complete this self-paced, online program which covers the essentials and basics of conducting reasonable, and professional crisis negotiations. At the conclusion of each module, you will be required to pass a test. Upon successful completion of all modules and tests, you will receive your LLRMI and National Public Safety Special Operations Institute credentials that will be good for 24 months.

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