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Public Safety employees appear to be suing their agencies more frequently alleging various forms of retaliation.  These are resulting in 6 and 7 figure verdicts and settlements.  There are many reasons for these types of lawsuits.  Some result from retaliatory actions following a whistleblower’s coming forward with allegations.  Others can result from the allegation that the retaliation was based on the employee’s gender, race, religion or other protected status.  Some are a form of backlash resulting from the employee’s discipline in other matters.  Underlying these types of allegations is the potential that we aren’t treating some employees fairly.  This webinar will address:

  • The current state of affairs around the country
  • The basic elements of a retaliation lawsuit
  • Essential aspects of investigating allegations of retaliation
  • How Internal Affairs can become a catalyst for a retaliation lawsuit
  • Supervisory actions that can stimulate this type of action
  • Why developing a policy might safeguard your agency?

Instructor: Lou Reiter

Date: July 7, 2020

Time: 12-1pm Eastern

Cost: $99

PLEASE NOTE: Your registration for this webinar will give you access to the live session, as well as 30 days of access to the recorded version of the webinar once the live session has ended.

Group Viewing Encouraged: As few as just one attendee or a training room full; multiple attendees can view the webinar from one single location and each attendee can receive a certificate


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