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Do we have choices?

Can we learn and maybe improve our mission?

The protests resulting from the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis have presented the nation and all law enforcement with historically recurring policing issues.  I have been in law enforcement just shy of 60 years.  These current nationwide protests are different than those I’ve witnessed after the urban unrest in the late 1960s, the Rodney King response in the early 1990s and Ferguson in 2014.  Each of these past periods of unrest and reflection have resulted in little systemic change in U.S. law enforcement.  But this current wave can be looked at as a new opportunity to reexamine law enforcement’s mission and purpose and make changes that can produce positive results for our communities and our police agencies.  This webinar will address:

  • Community flashpoints – can these programs/tactics be modified?
  • Civilian grievances – what should we be doing and why do we resist reasonable access?
  • Internal numbers game – are we sending our field officers mixed messages?
  • External investigations – are they better or do they simply shift the blame?
  • Small agencies – can they survive under the increase potential of civil liability?
  • Future of U.S. Policing – is it all bad or can it be a new beginning?

Instructor: Lou Reiter

Date: July 28, 2020

Time: 12-1pm Eastern

Cost: $99

PLEASE NOTE: Your registration for this webinar will give you access to the live session, as well as 30 days of access to the recorded version of the webinar once the live session has ended.

Group Viewing Encouraged: As few as just one attendee or a training room full; multiple attendees can view the webinar from one single location and each attendee can receive a certificate


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