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This course provides Law Enforcement with the knowledge and best practices when facing the threat of a demonstration in your community. During a demonstration whether large or small, the role of a law enforcement officer is to ensure the public’s safety, protect lives and property, and also protect the First Amendment rights of all persons involved in the event.

Public demonstrations are increasing in frequency as a result of high profile incidents involving law enforcement events. Although most have been peaceful, the chance of a threat to officer safety is imminent and law enforcement agencies have an obligation to prepare for a proper response for crowd management, regardless of the type of demonstration.

This 90 minute virtual training is unique in the fact it takes a practical approach to legal principles impacting Law Enforcement role’s in these demonstrations and provides guidelines without hindering officer or public safety.

Upon Completion: Participants will gain knowledge in the following areas:

  • Historical perspectives of Civil Unrest.
  • Diverse types of groups and behaviors seen at demonstrations.
  • Challenges faced when dealing with unruly crowds.
  • Acceptable tactics for Law Enforcement to use against unruly and passive groups.
  • First Amendment Rights of Protestors
  • Fourth Amendment Rights
  • Best practices in acceptable use of force standards
  • Communication across all boundaries.
  • Effective Leadership.
  • Policy & Training Development.

Instructor: Jack Ryan

Date: June 19, 2020

Time: 10-11:30 am Eastern

Cost: $99

PLEASE NOTE: Your registration for this webinar will give you access to the live session, as well as 30 days of access to the recorded version of the webinar once the live session has ended.

Group Viewing Encouraged: As few as just one attendee or a training room full; multiple attendees can view the webinar from one single location and each attendee can receive a certificate


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