Seminar Title

Death Investigation: Cause, Manner and Mechanism of Death and the Investigative Process

Dates of Events

10/21/2024 through 10/22/2024

Last Updated: 03/14/2024
Instructor(s): Michael Murphy
Location: Comal County Sheriff's Office - 3005 W San Antonio Street, New Braunfels, TX 78130
Course Registration Fee: $295
Instructor Bio
Michael Murphy
P. Michael Murphy serves as President and CEO of M POWER USA, an international management consulting firm providing management and leadership guidance to public and private agencies. Dr. Murphy brings forty plus years of law enforcement and public service experience to the position serving in a multitude of roles giving him a unique perspective beginning with boots on the ground to Chief of Police.
His journey of public service began as an entry level police officer in Kansas City, Kansas to serving as Chief of Police in Mesquite, Nevada. Dr. Murphy most recently served as Director of Special Services for The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in Alexandria, Virginia where he was responsible for the Long Term Missing and Unidentified, Forensic Services, Image Enhancement/Age Progression Units while serving as the National Amber Alert Coordinator.
Prior to his time on the national stage, Dr. Murphy served as Coroner for the Clark County Office of the Coroner/Medical Examiner for 13 years while simultaneously acted as the Interim Director of Juvenile Justice Services and Chief Lobbyist for the 76th & 77th Legislative Sessions of the Nevada Legislature.
Michael is a graduate of the FBI National Academy and has a doctoral degree in Business Administration with California Pacific University. He is also a Fellow with the American Board of Medicolegal Death Investigators.
Course Objectives
Course Overview:
Participants will receive an overview of the legal definitions for cause, manner and mechanism of death, an understanding of the basic death investigative process as well as the ability to identify various types of injuries related to the death of an individual.
This course will further review the origins of the coroner medical legal system, the need for a coordinated investigation as well as the necessity to utilize trained, forensic pathologists in determining the cause of death.
A multitude of death cases will be reviewed throughout the presentation allowing the participant to focus on a variety of injuries to include:

· Lacerations
· Incised wounds
· Contusions
· Abrasions
· Penetrating/stab wounds
· Ballistic injuries and their characteristics
· Thermal injuries
Additionally, attendees will be introduced to a myriad of investigative cases to include:

· Child death
· Accidental vs intentional injuries ~ signs of abuse and neglect
· Elder death
· Abuse vs neglect, lack of selfcare and understanding the death scene
· Homicide
· Suicide ~ and the understanding of suicide ideation
· Homicide vs suicide
· Accidental
· Autoerotic
Understanding the Coroner/Medical Examiner’s Office responsibility to determine:

· Body Recovery
· Identification of the deceased
· Cause and manner of death
· Protection of property
· Identification & Notification of next of kin
· Family response
Forensic capabilities and the availability of resources:

· Exhumation
· Anthropology
· Odontology
· Post Mortem Changes / Decomposition
· Entomology
· Radiology
· Toxicology
· Religious considerations
Finally, we will spend time addressing court room demeanor and the relativity of well documented reports and ability to effectively testify to your work.

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