Seminar Title

Mastering the Leadership Challenges of Law Enforcement

Dates of Events

09/09/2024 through 09/13/2024

Last Updated: 07/22/2024
Instructor(s): Danny Price, Pete Wood
Location: Columbus Police Training Academy - 1000 N Hague Avenue, Columbus, OH 43204
Course Registration Fee: $550
Instructor Bio
Danny Price
Danny Price is a veteran of law enforcement and leadership instruction.  He began his policing career with the Indiana State Police in 1986 as a trooper in Southern Indiana and has worked his way through the ranks of sergeant, lieutenant, captain, and major.  His 34+ years of law enforcement include 26 in leadership positions giving him a unique view of management, leadership, and supervision from the perspective of a first-line supervisor to that of top management.

Danny has taught leadership development for two decades and has been an adjunct instructor for Vincennes University.  Danny holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern Indiana and a Master’s degree from Indiana University.  He is a graduate of the Southern Police Institute’s Command Officer Development Course from the University of Louisville and the 194th session of the FBI National Academy.  He also instructs through The Price Consulting Group L.L.C.

Pete Wood
Peter B. Wood graduated from Binghamton University in New York with an undergraduate degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Law. He graduated from the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy in 1995, and has served as an Indiana State Trooper for over twenty-five years. He continued his formal education at the Valparaiso University School of Law, attaining the degree of Doctor of Jurisprudence.
He currently serves as the North Zone Legal Advisor for the Indiana State Police. During his tenure there, in addition to being a constitutional law instructor and legal counsel, he has served as a road patrol trooper, canine interdiction officer, riverboat gambling enforcement agent, and a field supervisor. He currently instructs recruit level criminal law, department-wide yearly legal updates, and varied subjects revolving around search and seizure constitutional issues. He has been a guest instructor at the Indiana Prosecutors Council, the United States Attorney General’s Conference, the HIDTA National Domestic Highway Interdiction Initiative, and several local Indiana law enforcement agencies. He also provides legal instruction and advice to several Sheriffs in northern Indiana as a Legal Deputy.

Course Objectives
Course Overview:
Course Objectives:
Mastering Performance Leadership is a comprehensive, dynamic, and integrated program for developing individuals, teams, and organizations to achieve higher levels of performance while improving the relationships of its members. It is a conference designed to guide leaders to help their people maximize their performance by aligning personal and organizational goals while creating an atmosphere of mutual respect, and creativity.  
The strategies taught in the conference are meant to capitalize on the collaborative energies, skills, values, and belief systems of those you lead to support organizational mission, vision, values, and goals. Properly applied and exercised, we believe it will engender an increased sense of ownership and personal responsibility for the organization’s success.  
The various leader-follower examples and scenarios challenge individuals to become self-aware and examine how their actions and behaviors affect others. It encourages personal and professional growth on a continuum of constant self-reflection. The course will challenge performance leaders to inspire greater achievement in their people. Performance leaders share their own knowledge and provide key experiences to their people, enabling them to cultivate the wisdom to succeed independently of their leader.  
The Mastering Performance Leadership conference is designed to improve communication and understanding on all levels. It invites everyone to share in the enriching experience of becoming the best of all leaders......the one who develops his or her people to the point that the leader is rarely needed.
Supervising a Toxic Officer: There is nothing more difficult than trying to supervise an officer who dislikes everything about their career and wants to make the supervisor and everyone they work with miserable. These officers create an excuse for everything that happens to them and it’s always everyone else’s fault but their own. Toxic officers are normally non-performing or under performing and can be a great source of liability for the supervisor and agency.
Winning Leadership: Everyone wants to be a winner but regardless of what profession you are in, whether you are an athlete or a law enforcement supervisor, every great supervisor/leader has one thing in common - PRACTICE. This block will provide both new supervisors and longtime administrators with a daily practice “workout” to make them a WINNING leader.
Supervisors - “Why Are We Getting Sued”: Over the past decade, law enforcement has been confronted with increasing public scrutiny leading to litigation. One of the claims by plaintiffs’ attorneys is that the supervisor failed to supervise his or her officer, which created the officer’s negligence or misconduct. This block of instruction will provide you with the knowledge that every supervisor/leader should have to help prevent liability while also enhancing officer performance.
Investigating Citizen Complaints: Every supervisor has been confronted by a citizen who alleges that the officer has mistreated them, used poor language, or made sexual overtures and they want to talk to a supervisor. It is important for supervisors to know how to receive a complaint, properly investigate the complaint, resolve the complaint, or turn the complaint over to Internal Affairs.
Characteristics of Great Leaders: This block will explore how great leaders accept responsibility, show and get great work ethics, and set achievable goals.

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