Seminar Title

Officer Involved Shootings

Dates of Events

06/12/2024 through 06/14/2024

Last Updated: 05/21/2024
Instructor(s): Jerry Rodriguez
Location: Sandy City Police Department - 10000 South Centennial Parkway, Sandy, UT 84070
Course Registration Fee: $350
Instructor Bio
Jerry Rodriguez
Jerry Rodriguez spent 26 years with the Los Angeles Police Department, retiring in 2013 at the rank of Captain. His leadership assignments included assignments such as Patrol Commanding Officer, Adjutant to the Office of Operations, Watch Commander, Sergeant, and Field Training Officer. In addition to this, Jerry has experience in the Baltimore Police Department,
as the Deputy Police Commissioner in Charge of the Professional Standard’s Bureau, as well as Chief of Investigations for the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office.
For years Jerry consulted and guided municipalities on high profile police-involved incidents as a member of the agency. However,
in retiring as a Law Enforcement Expert in 2021, he has been recruited to work on high-profile and sensitive cases. Jerry is a graduate of the FBI National Academy Class 234 and holds a master’s degree in Leadership from St. Mary College of California, as well as, a bachelor’s degree in Business Management.
He also has policing experience with the West Coast and East Coast Law Enforcement Agencies and has participated in many investigations throughout his professional career.
Course Objectives
Course Overview:
“Some of our most complex and highly litigated investigations, how we respond as an agency, as an investigator, and adjudicator matters more than ever before. Are you ready?”
Training Goals and Objectives:
There is arguably no single event that can traumatize a law enforcement agency, its employees, or the communities they serve more than an officer-involved shooting incident. The criticism and intense scrutiny generated by the media, the community, and the potential criminal liability for all involved can be overwhelming. Civil judgments resulting from such cases can also equally debilitate a police organization's effectiveness, have an adverse impact on its employees, and erode the community’s trust. It is, therefore, imperative that every police department prepares in earnest for this inevitable eventuality. It is also essential that investigators charged with the task of leading a police officer-involved use of force investigation become equally prepared.
The purpose of this course is to provide attendees with investigative knowledge that is applicable to all law enforcement involved uses of force (lethal and less lethal, hits or non-hits) and in-custody death investigations, regardless of the size of their department, and whether the incident occurred on or off duty. Law Enforcement officer-involved use of force investigations require a unique skill set that is gained through training and experience. The stakes for the involved officers and the departments are so high that it is imperative that the investigations be conducted using industry standards that seek to find the truth of the matter and never compromise investigative integrity. This course will provide those in attendance with the knowledge, skills, and investigative protocols necessary to handle any law enforcement use of force and in-custody death investigations.
Training Audience and Content:
This course is intended for use of force front-line investigators and their supervisors, middle managers – investigative reviewers, and executive personnel who are responsible for adjudicating agency uses of force (criminal and administrative). Others who would benefit from the training include crime scene technicians, medical examiners/coroner’s investigators, supervisors, military investigators, criminal analysts, prosecuting attorneys, and district attorney investigative personnel responsible for the review of law enforcement uses of force.

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