Seminar Title

Internal Affairs Administrative Investigation and Officer Discipline

Dates of Events

08/20/2024 through 08/22/2024

Last Updated: 05/28/2024
Instructor(s): Jerry Rodriguez
Location: Houston Building - 4402 Piedras Drive West, San Antonio, TX 78228
Course Registration Fee: $350
Instructor Bio
Jerry Rodriguez
Jerry Rodriguez spent 26 years with the Los Angeles Police Department, retiring in 2013 at the rank of Captain. His leadership assignments included assignments such as Patrol Commanding Officer, Adjutant to the Office of Operations, Watch Commander, Sergeant, and Field Training Officer. In addition to this, Jerry has experience in the Baltimore Police Department,
as the Deputy Police Commissioner in Charge of the Professional Standard’s Bureau, as well as Chief of Investigations for the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office.
For years Jerry consulted and guided municipalities on high profile police-involved incidents as a member of the agency. However,
in retiring as a Law Enforcement Expert in 2021, he has been recruited to work on high-profile and sensitive cases. Jerry is a graduate of the FBI National Academy Class 234 and holds a master’s degree in Leadership from St. Mary College of California, as well as, a bachelor’s degree in Business Management.
He also has policing experience with the West Coast and East Coast Law Enforcement Agencies and has participated in many investigations throughout his professional career.
Course Objectives
Course Overview:
This course covers the “Nuts and Bolts” of Internal Affairs (IA) Investigations, Criminal and Administrative sections, along with public initiated and department-initiated complaints. This course is designed for IA investigators, whether sworn or civilian, correctional supervisors, and first-line supervisors that are involved in the internal affairs process, manage a professional standards office, or are tasked with conducting personnel complaint investigations. The process for managing and investigating complaints against law enforcement personnel are becoming increasingly complex and the public expectation is timely, thorough, and fact-based investigations that supports the adjudicative findings. This program will provide participants with national best practices along with experience-based insights in order to conduct simple to complex internal affairs investigations.
Our professional standards investigative model, which incorporates national best practices, is a must for investigators tasked with completing fact-based, thorough, and professional investigative reports. This course sets the stage for investigators and first line supervisors to create an agency-wide practice of professional standards to thoroughly investigate complaints against employees. In the covered material attendees will understand "best practices" including how to identify potential problems or “employee” at risk behavior before it becomes and issue and how to properly address issues once they arise. This is a comprehensive course for investigators that covers the complaint intake process, evidence gathering and preliminary investigation, bifurcated investigations, interviews of accused employees and completed investigative formatting. Also covered in this course is the legal aspects of the internal affairs process, rights of employees, and the impact that an effective internal affairs investigative process has on the communities we serve.

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